Humanitarian Fund

Supporting Christians in the Holy Land

In Time of War

The tragic events which saw their beginning in October 2023 brought destruction, heartbreak and helplessness upon those who call the Holy Land home, regardless of nation or creed. In this dire situation of conflict that the Holy Land is experiencing, it is also urgent that Franciscans stay close to the Christian communities who live in this land.

The lack of pilgrims, closed economic activities, physical uncertainty, difficulty traveling to work, make daily life and the possibility of having a dignified life difficult, and lead many to impoverishment and oppression.

First and foremost we pray for peace in the Holy Land, that all live with respect for one another and of life.

To add, many continue to ask how they can help. If you would like to give, contributions received for the Humanitarian Fund will be sent directly to the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem for distribution to those in need.

May Our Lady of Palestine bring healing and light to those living in the shadow of darkness. 

May our loving Mother Mary bring peace to the Holy Land!

H.E. Margaret Romano, DGCHS

Support The Fund

At this critical time, our support for the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem is more important than ever.
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