Our Investment in the Future of the Holy Land

In addition to the expenses of the Patriarchate, every year the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre selects certain projects to be carried out, supported by contributions from around the world. Lieutenancies may also retain a percentage of contributions made by its own members which are designated to projects chosen by individual Lieutenancies, after having been positively evaluated by the Grand Magisterium.

    • Zarqa Schools – North & South – Summer Camps – The Western Lieutenancy has directly supported both the Zarqa North and Zarqa South Schools in Amman, Jordan since 2003. Our mission is to invest in the educational future of the Zarqa students by providing educational materials and financial support for the students and staff. The Lieutenancy has in the past provided the following to the Zarqa schools: new computers, repairing and maintaining infrastructure, including campus buildings and air conditioning units, providing backpack and school supplies to students. A current project seeking support and funding is the “Jacket Project” to provide winter jackets to students.


    • The Davidson Fund for Zarqa Schools – Our Lieutenant, H.E. Sir William Davidson, had a special love and focused on helping the children in Zarqa schools, near Amman, Jordan. The Order has assisted both the Twelve Apostles Parish and School in Zarqa North and the St. Pius X Parish and School in Zarqa South for many years. Each year, summer camps provide 600 Christian boys and girls the opportunity to participate in sports, arts, drama, volunteer work, music, and catechism in a safe environment. In his honor, the Lieutenancy has established the Davidson Endowment, an endowed fund to support the summer camps at the Zarqa schools.


    • Latin Seminary – Adopt-A-Seminarian Program – The Latin Seminary was re-established in 1847. There are 45 students in the Minor Seminary, which requires about five years of study. There are about 27 students in the Major Seminary that entails nine years of study. Opportunities exist to sponsor Seminarians through the Latin Patriarch.


    • Bethlehem University – Kicanas Endowment – The EOHSJ has been a longtime supporter of Bethlehem University. In 2010 the Western Lieutenancy purchased a Braille Embosser for Bethlehem University. This machine provides important translation text in both English and Arabic. For the past seven years, the Western Lieutenancy has funded the salary of an occupational therapist that provides support and assistance for special needs students. Ongoing opportunities exist to donate to the University, establish endowments, and sponsor students, including: hosting a student, providing internship opportunities, hosting a family, and providing transportation to the U.S. for a student.


    • St. Vincent’s Ain Karem – Saint Vincent Ain Karem is a full time live in home that cares for dozens of special needs Jewish and Arab children, ranging in age from infant to young adults. Their disabilities are a result of brain damage (before or after birth), genetic disorders, and, for some, the cause of the disorder is unknown. Last year the Western Lieutenancy and the EOHSJ gave a new van to help with transportation of the children at the home. The gift was a tremendous blessing to the sisters that operate Saint Vincent.


    • Home of Peace, Sr. Rafaela


    • Queen of Peace Center, Amman  –  Due to the large number of individuals with disabilities in Jordan and the limited number of specialized centers meeting their needs, the Roman Catholic Church established Our Lady Queen of Peace Center in Amman Jordan. The Center strives to create common work opportunities between Jordanian Christians and Muslims with the goal of returning people with disabilities to their natural place in society. The Centre is aided by the EOHSJ. It is also supported and used by both Christians and Muslims. It provides a bridge based on mutual understanding, respect and cooperation between the two communities. At the present, it is providing some Syrians with accommodations and also in cooperation with CARITAS Jordan, has a day program for over twenty disabled Syrian refugee children from Amman.


    • Bethlehem Arab Society Rehab Hospital – The Bethlehem Arab Society Hospital, founded in 1960 for rehabilitation and orthopedics surgery. BASR is nationally recognized for the comprehensive medical and rehabilitation services it renders to patients from different parts of Palestine. The EOHSJ has provided support in numerous ways to the hospital over the years.


    • Holy Land Economic Development Fund

      ”Where there’s no work, there is no dignity.” Pope Francis

      Having a job is essential to Christians who desire to remain and prosper in their homeland; jobs help to slow ongoing emigration from the Holy Land. Through this initiative, we are able to help create and sustain jobs by funding small business loans to Christians in the Holy Land. A small loan, up to $15,000 is funded to vetted, qualified borrowers who often lack collateral or credit history. These small business loans support entrepreneurship and alleviate poverty, and in many cases, empower men and women and uplift entire communities. The EOHSJ is in partnership with Caritas Jerusalem who works closely with us to administer the EDF program. The Holy Land Economic Development Fund invites you to join us in our efforts to preserve the presence of Christians in the Holy Land by donating to the EDF.


    • Latin Patriarchate


    • Holy Family Parish, Gaza


  • St. Ives Society – The Society of St. Yves is the Catholic Center for Human Rights of the Latin Patriarchate in the Holy Land. The Society provides free legal representation and advocacy in the courts to prevent human rights abuses – especially home demolitions and land confiscations of lands and structures belonging to the Patriarchate, Catholic Orders, and Christians in the Holy Land.