Justice & Peace


The Equestrian Order encourages the education of members through the dissemination of accurate and timely information about the challenges affecting and needs of the Christian community in Israel, the Palestinian Territories, Jordan and Cyprus.

Especially with present conditions being what they are in the Holy Land, justice and peace issues are of vital concern to the Order. Maintaining the rights of Christians in the Holy Land is an issue that ultimately affects all Christians, for it calls into question the right of all of us to walk in the footsteps of Jesus, Our Savior.

Among the activities taking place at the Lieutenancy and diocesan level are:

  • Creating opportunities for the co-promotion of inter-religious dialogue and understanding.
  • Placing articles on justice and peace issues, particularly with respect to the Holy Land, in diocesan newspapers and church bulletins;
  • Attempting to get articles, editorials or letters to the editor published in local newspapers;
  • Contributing to the Lieutenancy newsletter column or page on justice and peace;
  • Promoting small group rosaries on a monthly basis for the intentions of peace in the Holy Land and our Christian brothers and sisters;
  • Encouraging members to make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land;
  • Praying the Memorare each day for the intention of Peace in the Holy Land and for the intentions of our Holy Father.

Justice and Peace is in many ways what being a Knight or Lady is all about. We hope every member will be actively involved in this effort.

Thank You from Zarqa South School 

Students at Zarqa South School in Amman, Jordan Thank The Western Lieutenancy

On September 16, 2017, we received an email from Zarqa School South in Amman, Jordan with attached photos of cute “thank you” letters from grade school students.  In these letters, shown below, the children lovingly and enthusiastically express their grateful feelings towards the Western Lieutenancy.



The Western Lieutenancy has directly supported both the Zarqa South and Zarqa North Schools in Amman, Jordan since 2003. 

Our mission is to invest in the educational future of the Zarqa students by providing educational materials and financial support for the students and staff.  The Lieutenancy has in the past provided the Zarqa schools with new computers, repair and maintenance of infrastructure, and backpacks and school supplies to their students. 





Upcoming Justice & Peace Events

Presentations of the movie ‘Open Bethlehem’  and a discussion with the Filmmaker.

The J & P Advisory Team announces upcoming dates for the screening of the film ‘Open Bethlehem’ followed by Discussion with the Filmmaker.

This is an opportunity for members of the Order and guests to gain a better perspective on the current situation in the Holy Land, where our Order is intimately involved in preservation of the holy sites and in promotion of the general well-being of Christians.


Everyone is encouraged to view this award winning and critically acclaimed film. Please mark your calendars. The respective venues and links are listed below:

[Watch here for announcement of future showings.]





Justice & Peace Newsletter

Dear Knights & Ladies of the Western Lieutenancy,

Here is the latest EOHSJ J&P Newsletter for the Western Lieutenancy. Our newsletters will include links to current news articles and videos with information related to the Holy Land and to the persecution of Christians in the Middle East. The Justice & Peace teams of our Lieutenancy are now working to regularly collect informative current events articles and reports on topics related to the Holy Land and to the mission of our Order.

If anyone has articles to contribute or recommend for future newsletters please email them to us at eohsj.westernusa.jp@gmail.com.

Thank you & God Bless,

J&P Advisory Team

Winter 2018

Current News
 1/10/2018 Cardinal O’Brien: Changes to the situation in Jerusalem will have repercussions, including violence. Video. 
 12/22/2017 “Come pilgrims!”: The joint invitation by the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem and by the Custody of the Holy Land. Video.
    The Persecution and Genocide of Christians in the Middle East:
Prevention, Prohibition & Prosecution“, edited by Ronald J. Rychlak
and Jane F. Adolphe. Angelico Press (Kettering, Ohio, 2017).“This remarkable book should be read by all Catholics, indeed all Christians who care about the fate of Christianity in the lands of its origin, the Middle East and North Africa.” Review of this book in the Boston Pilot
11/8/2017 Heads of Churches in Jerusalem Express Concern Regarding Breaches of the Status Quo in the Jaffa Gate Case
10/26/2017 Vice President Pence promises direct US aid to persecuted Christians
10/19/2017 Franciscans Mark 8 Centuries of Presence in the Holy Land
10/12/2017 Christians in Middle East feel ‘abandoned, betrayed’ by the West
10/10/2017 St. Yves Society Report – Updated October 2017: “The Annexation Wall in Cremisan”
 Image result for battle of arsuf The Crusades and the Political Misuse of History
Watch this excellent video explaining the true history of the Crusades and the distorted and historically incorrect portrayal of the Crusades in 20th & 21st Century history books and current media.
  Open Bethlehem  
‘Open Bethlehem’ is a story of a homecoming to the world’s most famous little town. The film spans five momentous years in the life of Bethlehem, revealing a city of astonishing beauty and political strife under occupation. 
(This is the 30 minute abridged version.)





Cardinal says world leaders
sidestepping persecution of Christians

August 22, 2017  PEAPACK, N.J. (CNS) — Cardinal Edwin F. O’Brien told Catholics gathered for Mass and a symposium in the Metuchen Diocese that “the enormity of today’s modern Christian genocide is possibly the worst and bloodiest in church history.”

“The situation in Africa, Asia and the Middle East is conveniently sidestepped by the world’s leaders, even those in Washington,” the cardinal said in his homily during the Aug. 8 Mass at St. Brigid Church in Peapack.

Read the complete story here at CatholicPhilly.com


Society of St. Yves March Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Welcome to our March Newsletter!

The Society of St. Yves was founded in 1991 and is working under the patronage of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem to help “the poor and the oppressed” according to the social doctrine of the Catholic Church. St. Yves provides gratis legal assistance, counsel and advocacy to all members of the community, irrespective of race, colour, gender or religion. Through national and international lobby and advocacy we are able to bring the light of the poor and marginalised to the attention of communities around the world in an effort to bring pressure for change.

This month, read about the most important updates on St. Yves legal work and its latest advocacy activities, as well as a general update on the situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.


The Society of St. Yves – Catholic Center for Human Rights

Link to the Society of St. Yves March 2017 Newsletter





Sir Laurin Dodd, KC*HS

Lady Sophia Rose Dodd, LC*HS

Sir Pieter Scholte, KC*HS

Lady Teena Scholte, LC*HS

The purpose of the Justice & Peace Committee is to implement successful programs and projects within each Area of the Lieutenancy. These projects will promote an awareness and education about the plight of the Christians in the Holy Land to the local membership of the Order. They will provide material or financial aid and support while promoting prayer for our Brothers and Sisters in the Holy Land.


Witness the love of Christ with us and learn more about individual ministries and projects in the Holy Land currently supported by the Lieutenancy.