Welcome to the official web site of the Western USA Lieutenancy of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem! Explore!

Here will be found a rich and relevant resource to learn more about the Order, its mission and history. The web site is designed to have easy access to information concerning the current activities in the Western Lieutenancy, the worldwide Order and about the Christians we support in the Holy Land, including their schools, clinics, Bethlehem University, seminary, and other institutions.

Here, too, you will find more information about the Western Lieutenancy’s efforts to enhance the sanctification of our members through a variety of spiritual resources including Rosary prayer groups, Justice and Peace items, Pilgrimages, days of Recollection and other special spiritual activities.

This website also provides a secure membership link for Annual Meeting registration, facilitating online contributions, accessing the membership roster and the ability to update membership contact information.

I invite you to explore the web site and encourage you to access the site on a regular basis, where you will find fresh and robust content designed to serve our members.

May Our Lady, Queen of Palestine, bless the people of the Holy Land and those who support them.

Deus lo Vult!

H.E. Sir Michael Scott Feeley, KGCHS
Lieutenant, Western USA Lieutenancy



H.E. Most Rev. José Gomez, KC*HS
Archbishop of Los Angeles
Grand Prior of the Western USA Lieutenancy

Archbishop Jose H. Gomez


Greetings! Welcome to the website of the Western Lieutenancy.

It’s an honor and a privilege to be a member of EOHSJ. In addition to helping our fellow Christians in the Holy Land we are blessed to share our faith in community with you.

With this website, it is our goal to provide our members with up to date information on the activities of the Western Lieutenancy and the Holy Land. We invite you to look and learn of the latest events not only in your area but in all areas of the Western Lieutenancy. Learn too of the effect your support is having on our fellow Christian Brothers and Sisters living in the land where Christ walked. There are many different publications about the works of the Holy Sepulchre. We hope you use this site as a portal to those sites, learning what’s being done throughout the world to fulfill the mission of the Order.

We are called to be a people of faith, offering love and hope where there is none. Know that through your efforts, we can make a difference.

May our Lord Jesus Christ bless you in all your works.

Lady Margaret Romano, LGCHS
Chancellor, Western USA Lieutenancy




The Lieutenant is assisted by a council, as approved by the Grand Prior of Lieutenancy, selecting its members from among the Knights and Ladies of the Order.


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